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Untitled#19 - Paris, into the cold world - Achille Filipponi

Untitled#19 - Paris, into the cold world (Achille Filipponi) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2010
Photography Urban landscape / Architecture Analogue / Traditional (Achille Filipponi - Roma Italy)

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Untitled#19 - Paris, into the cold world

Photography, Urban landscape / Architecture, Analogue / Traditional, 80x50cm, 2010
"Paris, into the cold world" is a photographic project I started working on for over a year ago, when I visited by chance one of the so called „ville nouvelles’ designed by the French government around Paris. These new towns, which of course are still expanding, saw their birth more than forty years ago and for four decades have been the result of contemporary architecture and town planning.
Born to meet the problem of overpopulation in Paris and to counter the logic of grand ensemble, the „villes nouvellesR23; were entirely conceived, designed and realized in zones previously established of Paris area, according to the criteria contained in the "Schéma directeur d'aménagement et d' urbanisme de la Region de Paris ". This conceptual founding skeleton led the government create parts of the city (real cities "others") lacking historical and architectural basis, in completely virgin areas as concerns the urban aspect, with the intention of setting up "ideal" urban spaces and there, this atmosphere of "pre-established urban strategy" is still strongly present.
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Vittorio Comi
1 year ago
come ti sono vicino!
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Achille Filipponi
Roma, Italy - 1981
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