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The Last Supper/Inversion of The Sacred - Masami Teraoka

The Last Supper/Inversion of The Sacred (Masami Teraoka)
Painting Political / Social Oil (Masami Teraoka - Honolulu United States)

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Added: 3 years ago

The Last Supper/Inversion of The Sacred

Painting, Political / Social, Oil, Wood, 3120x3045x45cm, 2010
Catholic Church's sexual ethics collides with secularism based view of human sexuality. Catholic clergy sex abuse issues continues to confront surmounting criticisms on global level.
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Comments (14)

Eamonn Farrell
8 months ago
Fantastic exposition of reality!
Adrian Setterfield
1 year ago
Katia Albini
1 year ago
Katia Albini Artist
Fabiana Belmonte
1 year ago
wow.....amazing art work!
rheaume veronique lageisha
1 year ago
Provocation, réflexion... J'aime beaucoup !
Scarification X
1 year ago
mmmm yess so erotic and in a way artistically blaspheme ..I LOVE IT !!!
nicolai /aaa.
1 year ago
disturbing/strange, but strong work! respect!
Martin Gauthier
1 year ago
What a personal vision !!!
I also did a work based on "retable, but in a different way.
1 year ago
legabutina Artist
your work is amazing, Masami. and im glad to be your friend (at least online, haha).
Daniele Baron
2 years ago
grandioso come sempre!
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Masami Teraoka
Honolulu, United States - 1936
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