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"Gea" (Silvana Dallera) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2011
Photography Human figure Mixed technique (Silvana Dallera - Milano Italy)

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Photography, Human figure, Mixed technique, 50x70cm, 2010
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Silvana Dallera
3 years ago
"Gea" From the ancient greek Gaia (Gea) it means "earth":in fact Gea,mother of all the gods of the Olimpo,goddess of the fertility and the nature was identified with the same Earth,in the greek mythology is also called Gaia-Gea.Besides the greek word Gaia it means"to rejoyce"and it has the same root of the verb ganumai that means "to shine of joy,to be happy or radiant to exult".
Silvana Dallera
3 years ago
The shield on the abdomen (cover of the garbage aesthetically and symbolically recreated)and the "classical" laying,are thinked to underline the strong uneasiness of womens's identity.Gea,with her ambivalent aesthetics,represents the desire,the memory and the actual distance from the collective archetypes of the fertility and the acceptance. S.D.
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Silvana Dallera
Milano, Italy - 1960
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