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Aquaolympic Games - Serg Vostrikov

Aquaolympic Games (Serg Vostrikov) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2011
Photography Nude Digital (Serg Vostrikov - Saratov Russia)

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Aquaolympic Games

Photography, Nude, Digital, 54.4x41.0cm, 2010
This photography is a part of a set "Aquaolympic Games". It's made in the photocollage techique without using any "computer generated" pieces - everything here is captured in a studio and combined into the result picture.

The main idea of the whole photographes in the "Aquaolympic Games" is to combine the tradition of ancient Olympic games (you probably know, that all participants were nude, because one of the goal was to demonstrate beautiful, harmonious human bodies) with impossible beauty of water streams in the form of different gymnastic apparatuses.
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Comments (2)

Brigitte Kempers
2 years ago
Very good! Good luck!
Teresa Palombini
2 years ago
Proprio bella, mi piace molto!!
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Serg Vostrikov
Saratov, Russia - 1975
Joined 2 years ago, visits 254

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