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Mouthwash n.47 - Marco Useli

Mouthwash n.47 (Marco Useli) - Painting Premio Celeste 2011
Painting Still life / Object Acrylic (Marco Useli - Milano Italy)

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Mouthwash n.47

Painting, Still life / Object, Acrylic, Canvas, 100x130cm, 2011
This work represents a bottle of mouthwash, a liquid used for dental hygiene.
The antibacterial action, born to prevent the most common dental problems, is almost useless when the product is used in the final stage of the problem.

Its production with a mixed technique is characterised by the figure and characters, which are the background of the only rolled that represents the product in question.
I spread the acrylic pigment with the roller, working on the gestures and the graphic result that follows.
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Comments (5)

geethu sg
2 years ago
geethu sg Artist
Marco Useli
2 years ago
Marco Useli Artist
grazie Mauro
mauro moriconi
2 years ago
si decisamente stupenda!
Marco Useli
2 years ago
Marco Useli Artist
Grazie Barbara, mi fa piacere...
Barbara Wenter
2 years ago
opera stupenda!
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Marco Useli
Milano, Italy - 1983
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