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LE Secret*** - Vainui Duran

LE Secret*** (Vainui Duran) - Painting Celeste Prize 2011
Painting Sacred / Mythological Mixed technique (Vainui Duran - Noumea New Caledonia)

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Added: 2 years ago

LE Secret***

Painting, Sacred / Mythological, Mixed technique, Canvas, 65x50x2cm, 2011
CREATION: God Reveals!
At the beginning... 0=1+1 His Spirit was floating over the Water...continue...
The Truth is Out There...
=> Man + Woman= egg...continue...[WorldWideHumanDevopment]
Imagine the End Now... don't you forget LOvE makes the World go round: PE@CE & LOVE is the PATH!!!
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Comments (7)

Vainui Duran
2 years ago
Vainui Duran Artist
Thank you Giovanni!
Giovanni Pagnoncelli
2 years ago
Vainui Duran
2 years ago
Vainui Duran Artist
Merci les filles!!! Surtout ne cessez jamais d'aimer... Car la Verite c'est que l'on ne peut VIVRE sans Amour...
catherine burg
2 years ago
Dieu est Amour et Vérité !
2 years ago
france Artist
Vainui Duran
2 years ago
Vainui Duran Artist
You are right sister!:)
Thanx Kanna***
2 years ago
CN Artist
Peace and Love are forever...
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Vainui Duran
Noumea, New Caledonia - 1982
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