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Creazione lato A - Giovanni Longo

Creazione lato A (Giovanni Longo) - Shortlisted: Installation, Sculpture & Performance Premio Celeste 2011
Sculpture Fantasy / Visionary Other (Giovanni Longo - Reggio di Calabria Italy)

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Added: 2 years ago

Creazione lato A

Sculpture, Fantasy / Visionary, Other, Wood, 580x35x35cm, 2011
Assemblage, driftwood, steel.
The artwork Creazione lato A resumes the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo changing the sense. The divine arm falls on the Earth in an attempt to affect its creation.

Selection 2011


Federica Bueti
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Comments (27)

Bianco Elefante
2 years ago
Eugene Hyon
2 years ago
Eugene Hyon Artist
Also very mysterious. What's fascinating about this is the existence of a fossil on the grass near the parking lot. I find it amusing and funny. The bones themselves are of a strange and large creature. It would be hard not to notice this from a parking lot. I like this one!
Nathalie Guerra NEUTRAL-ISM
2 years ago
Excellent and unique!
Gabi Domenig
2 years ago
Gabi Domenig Artist
Buona idea, i tuoi pensieri dietro ... intressante. Mi piace! :)
wardha shabbir
2 years ago
your work is very interesting and different,congratulations.
Natale Alessandro Oggionni (Nacho)
2 years ago
grande! come sempre
Rajan Krishnan
2 years ago
I'm impressed!your concerns are strong.
Souad Nasr Makhoul
2 years ago
This is a very exciting and great idea! to take "The Creation of Adam "Michelangelo's fresco, in attempt to give new aspect of the creation, I like the idea very much!the great tension in Michelangelo's fresco is that Adam's finger and God's finger are not touching, in your art work the divine arm of God is comming down to the earth , where I guess there will be the main tension!
2 years ago
Luce Artist
Rita Tripodi
2 years ago
Rita Tripodi Artist
Complimenti,la trovo straordinaria!
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Giovanni Longo
Reggio di Calabria, Italy - 1985
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