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Underwater is an audio-video instrument that represent the space of an underwater dream. The water is poured in an aquarium of Plexiglas with four underwater-microphones placed on the bottom-corner of the box.
The sound is then live elaborated with computers and sent through four speakers, recreating the underwater acoustic situation in the space. Four cameras are places on the sides of the aquarium, in order to project a big image of water, increasing the feeling of being immersed in water.

The performance represents a dream: the water surrounds us, sonically and visually. Water drops guide the listener through an inner travel, an underwater-subconscious, overloading every drop with a special energy, filling the cube and the room.

The video was made projecting the four sides of the aquarium on a four screen 3mx3m construction, in order to recreate an immersive environment.

Selection 2011


Fonlad Festival Bertram Niessen
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Comments (3)

francesco mangiaracina
2 years ago
I loved it! clever and beautiful work! bravo!
2 years ago
marianesi Artist
molto molto suggestiva e bella!
Tobias Munzer
2 years ago
nice! impressive piece
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Frank Fantom
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Berlin, Germany - 1979
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