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scape III - Alda Gazzoni

scape III (Alda Gazzoni) - Photo & Digital Graphics Premio Celeste 2011
Photography Landscape (Alda Gazzoni - Urbino Italy)

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scape III

Photography, Landscape, 150x100cm, 2011
A world tied in nets, with no secrets. Always watched and always available, we seek sanctuary in oasis, in a nameless land, unknown spaces, valleys where no one will ever come look for us. Basins, flat heights, where there is no other. We are individuals shut in a tight frame, solid, irreverent to the touch, not hearing and not uttering a sound. Mute, natural, remote land. One, where desolation becomes exaltation of isolation. A desperate scream breaks the alienating silence, because the skin is still but never numb.
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Comments (5)

stravagantya project
11 months ago
scape si
Salvo d'Avila
11 months ago
Salvo d'Avila Photographer
molto interessante.
io avrei dato un'altra luce sul soggetto e sullo sfondo che, non sarebbe stato con angolo a vista.
1 year ago
patgamb Artist
azzo!!!!! bella!!
alberto bottura
1 year ago
2 years ago
ramona Artist
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Alda Gazzoni
Urbino, Italy - 1970
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