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l'uomo isola - FABIO PRESTI

l'uomo isola (FABIO PRESTI) - Shortlisted: Painting Premio Celeste 2011
Painting Human figure Mixed technique (FABIO PRESTI - Milano Italy)

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l'uomo isola

Painting, Human figure, Mixed technique, Canvas, 100x100x6cm, 2011
"Island Man" is a play on words, a truth, a lie.
The man men island, creating the society of singles who are destined to consume more. Each island should be independent from all others, they must have a port, a ship, an airport, aircraft ... All the islands are struggling. The date stamped on the face is anonymous and unaware of the exact day that you decide to slow down, to get closer again to the other, to decrease, because no man is an island.

Photo: Luigi Ianne

Selection 2011


Arabella Natalini
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Comments (7)

1 year ago
Ronja Artist
bellissima superficie vuota,trattata in maniera piacevole e fa concentrare sul soggetto
Martin Gauthier
1 year ago
i want to be the man who is an Island.
Madina Ziganshina
1 year ago
thank you for good painting!
Waldemar Dabrowski
2 years ago
Good work...!
2 years ago
constatazione eccellente
sara rossi
2 years ago
sara rossi Artist
Complimenti e Buona fortuna!
Natale Alessandro Oggionni (Nacho)
2 years ago
bravo fabio, complimneti per il risultato. Meeritato.
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Milano, Italy - 1973
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