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L'arbre bleu - catherine burg

L'arbre bleu (catherine burg)
Photography Fantasy / Visionary Digital (catherine burg - Strasbourg France)

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L'arbre bleu

Photography, Fantasy / Visionary, Digital, 0x0cm, 2011
look at this great tree and across the street, it may be sufficient ...
because even torn, soiled, street tree is the whole nature of the sky ...
the bird lands, the wind moves, the sun says the same hope despite death ...
you're lucky to have the tree in your street? Your thoughts will be less arduous, more free your eyes, your hands more than willing to night! Yves Bonnefoy
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Comments (2)

Giancarlo Caporali
2 years ago
Yajaira M. Pirela M.
2 years ago
Bellissimo lo conosco bene!!!
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catherine burg
Strasbourg, France - 1954
Joined 4 years ago, visits 20687

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