The Howl (wake me up, visionnaire!)

The Howl (wake me up, visionnaire!)

Visionaires are great enlighted minds that become aware og chances that the future allow us, surpassing the limit of human thought. Men as Copernicus, Martin Luther King and Gandhi were able to show new way of thinking, overpowering the system of their time. We will always need the strenght of the visioinaires to face the eternal struggle between fire and water, darkness and light. We will cry out and they will awaken us from the slumber..

Combine of photografy and digital imaging

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Duarte  Meirinho
3 years ago
So true. So powerfull. Very interesting
4 years ago
Formica Artist
una potenza espressiva incredibile... mi piace un sacco!!!
4 years ago
bravo, disegna il tuo mondo come ti piace , sara' questo che incantera',
bravo dal dadaumpapa

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