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Turned Out II - Jane  Lee

Turned Out II (Jane Lee) - Winner: Painting Celeste Prize 2011
Painting Abstract informal Acrylic (Jane Lee - Singapore Singapore)

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Turned Out II

Painting, Abstract informal, Acrylic, Canvas, 135x155x15cm, 2011
Turned out II challenges the practice of painting itself; what constitues a 'painting', and how painting can be made.
In this work, painting's conventional support-the canvas, the wall- becomes'paint', and take centre-stage. Liberated from their physiclally confining roles,they replace paint's role as the active agent, and form the essence of the painting. Also pertinent in this work is my interest with the spatial relations in which the paintings are presented, through activating the space the work is being presented and enlisting them as one of the 'materials'of painting.

Selection 2011


Oxana Maleeva
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Comments (15)

Vlad Paduraru
1 year ago
So I don't think is fair, here in the 3rd millenium , using just the nervous system as a ruler in judging art. Nor is being all sharp and not profound.
Vlad Paduraru
1 year ago
I really think I'll make a fool of myself, ignorant as I am, but the world can afford one more , I think, so here it goes...
How come a work which concentrates on means rather than purpose win a prestigious prize like this?
My quarrel is not with the artist, so Jane , please don't take this personally.
This prize should be about painting as a medium which will lead somewhere deep in the human soul, or maybe life's itself, and not PAINTING ... stop. Pollock didn't splash color for the fun of it.
I think the jury just got all cerebral and used verbal language instead of pure thought.
The gate which the eye and mind helps the soul to pass has never been breached . And it's a real shame as other pretenders got pretty close, some even passed it.
Claudia jeanne
2 years ago
love the white with red, very creative, deep and light. loved. Congratulations beautiful work.
Waldemar Dabrowski
2 years ago
Very interesting...!
stravagantya project
2 years ago
,,this win?!,,,it's all really shitt!
Sansert Choabert
2 years ago
Everything in this world has been done. It is the new significance we give to things that make something meaningful. If you didn't know about the artist, it shouldn't matter that your art has similarities with hers. I would find flattering that I have produced a piece of art with the strength of a consecrated artist without knowing.
Jane  Lee
2 years ago
Jane Lee Artist
Thanks Eleonore.If i had known the similarity of her work i wouldn't.
'Turned out II' is my sheer enagement with the painting materials. It questioned the used of the canvas, the process of making a painting and the interaction with the surrounding where the painting being presented. The paining manifested on its own without any reference of artist's work.
Is so painful for being misunderstood...
Eleonore Pironneau
2 years ago
Dear Jane
Your works seems very interesting, serious and very beautiful. But this piece Turned out II is so reminiscent of the work of Eva Hesse that I find it shocking. As an artist I would not show something so close to the work of another artist.
Jane  Lee
2 years ago
Jane Lee Artist
Dear Andrea,
My works concern about painting but not scuplture..
Believe or not,i am not aware of Eve Hesse works till you.I google about her works and my heart sink...

When we play with materials,they tends to reacting certain ways and we embrace..

I am honestly doing what i am doing so please give me a break will you :-))
mel smothers
2 years ago
mel smothers Artist
I was intrigued by the comments of Andrea Morin and did some art historical research. I couldnt come up with the painting that she referred to but did see similarity with sculpture. Is it possible that Ms Morin mistook the trompe olie of the painting for sculpture?
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Jane  Lee
Singapore, Singapore - 1963
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