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Vibrazione Dubai DIFC # 11 - Carlo D'Orta

Vibrazione Dubai DIFC # 11 (Carlo D'Orta) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2011
Photography Fantasy / Visionary Digital (Carlo D'Orta - Roma Italy)

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Vibrazione Dubai DIFC # 11

Photography, Fantasy / Visionary, Digital, Photographic paper, 100x52cm, 2011
This picture is part of a project named “Vibrations”. Crystals and glasses that surround us create a parallel universe of games, deception and glare. Such a universe is just apparently virtual. Instead, this world is as real as we are and never ceases to exist. That's it. We nearly always walk through this world without noticing it. We move through this imaginary scenery absent-mindedly. But if we stop a moment, we can discover, into these giants of crystal, a magic world full of vibrating imaginations. This photographic project was aimed at creating abstract pictures by using digital camera rather than paint-brushes (through the choice of subjects, shot cuts and, sometimes but not always, colour digital rework).
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Rosa Lamberta
2 years ago
Peccato non avere più voti a disposizione!!!
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Carlo D'Orta
Roma, Italy - 1955
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