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URBAN CARPET - instant hutong

URBAN CARPET (instant hutong) - Finalist: Installation / Sculpture Celeste Prize 2011
Installation Political / Social Textile (instant hutong - Beijing China)

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Installation, Political / Social, Textile, Fabric, 200x300x200cm, 2009
Carpets are representing different maps of Hutong areas in downtown Beijing with a size of approximately one square kilometre and a population of 30000. Each of them has been isolated and presented as autonomous town within the big city. They are embroidered by hand with the same technique of the propaganda slogans on large fabrics used by the communist party during the seventies. The carpets have been filled with white wire wool insertions. The installation is made of three Carpets hanging on coloured fabric strips to recreate a typical Hutong street scene whereby local Beijing residents use to hang out their clothes to dry on ropes, wires and threads.

Selection 2011


Erin Sickler
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2 years ago
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instant hutong
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Beijing, China - 1977
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