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An Abandoned Sewing Machine - Amer Dhahir  Neutral-ISM

An Abandoned Sewing Machine (Amer Dhahir Neutral-ISM)
Photography Still life / Object Mixed technique (Amer Dhahir Neutral-ISM - Dubai United Arab Emirates)

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Added: 2 years ago

An Abandoned Sewing Machine

Photography, Still life / Object, Mixed technique, Photographic paper, 45x33cm, 2011
While roaming in alleyways of the old city of Karbala, I entered a house abandoned by its family since 1980, after Iraqi authorities forcibly deported some Iraqis to Iran for sectarian reasons .. I found a sewing machine, covered by rust, dust, and cobwebs .. This machine has not been touched for more than 30 years ...
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Comments (4)

Stefano Tosi
2 years ago
Stefano Tosi Artist
A desert storm!It works!
Amer Dhahir  Neutral-ISM
2 years ago
Thanks Patrizia ...
Amer Dhahir  Neutral-ISM
2 years ago
Thanks Teresa ...
teresa azzam
2 years ago
teresa azzam Artist
Very authentic that reminds me of my mothrr's house!
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Amer Dhahir  Neutral-ISM
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 1963
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