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La Creazione - ovvero il ridicolo e disperato tentativo di fermare il tempo

Video, Abstract geometrical, Animation, 16:9, 4 Minutes 45 Seconds, 2011
The circle, as simplicity and perfect element, material and ideal
at the same time, in this case becomes a symbol bearer of a
shared essence, experienced by random characters as a pulsating reality.

It comes to life and leaves that imaginary theater in which coins and washers
dance, as improvised dancers in rehearsal, it intrudes reality and
imposes itself as a new element, discovery, revelation.

The circle, as a boundary to our knowledge and interpretation of reality,
continuously transmutes, in every transition,
frame by frame, in a cascade of images, each capturer of an instant.

The spaces created in the fragmented and reconstituted
vision, hold the secret of silence.

Selection 2011


Ullens Center for Contemporary Art UCCA
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Elisabetta Perilli
2 years ago
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Andreij Ebenizer Pollister
Roma, Italy - 1978
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