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La Mordida (The Bite)

La Mordida (The Bite) is a performance inspired by shop mannequins and Mexican culture. In Mexico, mordida – the bite – is a term for a bribe, a payoff, a business deal. The mannequin is representative of eternal youth and the smooth, mask-like faces created by the multimillion dollar industry of anti-aging procedures. The mannequin transforms into characters expressing the bite of pop culture as it relates to beauty, fashion, desire, religion, crime and death.

Before the performance viewers dress the mannequin in an outfit for the performer to remove and model. During the final minutes of the performance viewers follow in procession to envelop the performer for the closing scene.

This video is condensed from the 16 minute complete performance.

La Mordida (The Bite): Connie Chappel
Choreography: Connie Chappel / Sarah McQueston
Performer: Sarah McQueston
Costumes: Connie Chappel
Soundtrack: Connie Chappel / Kathy Stockwood
Video Production: Kevin Klymchuk at Serious News
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Connie Chappel
Winnipeg, Canada - 1955
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