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Mountain Walk - Caroline  Cary

Mountain Walk (Caroline Cary) - Painting Celeste Prize 2011
Painting Landscape Acrylic (Caroline Cary - London United Kingdom)

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Mountain Walk

Painting, Landscape, Acrylic, Plexiglass, 104x75x6cm, 2011
Acrylic paint painted on both sides with intense luminous colours. An arrangement of colours and forms that at first

“I work with all sorts of different mediums. I am interested in space both literally and pictorially and the arrangement of forms therein. I like the tension between what can be read as figuration but is abstract and figuration that depends on Abstract values. When I start a new picture sometimes I have a clear idea of
the image I am working towards and sometimes just some feeling for a colour or the intuition of where to place a line and as I work gradually images materialize.
The most recent paintings are on Perspex painted on both sides which adds literal depth, very painterly on one side, smooth and transparent on the other however what is also interesting is they present an entirely different aspect depending on how they are lit. Front lit they appear peaceful and meditational but with light coming through the appearance and atmosphere is completely altered and can be disquieting.
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Comments (4)

Berardino Totaro
1 year ago
I like it, its wonderfull
Caroline  Cary
2 years ago
Thankyou so much love yours too!
Reima Honkasalo
2 years ago
Imean: I just love this one! ;o)
Reima Honkasalo
2 years ago
I just love this one½
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Caroline  Cary
London, United Kingdom - 1940
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