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Rivolta Celeste - Lina De Sando

Rivolta Celeste (Lina De Sando) - Painting Celeste Prize 2011
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Pencil (Lina De Sando - Roma Italy)

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Rivolta Celeste

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Pencil, Paper, 108x78x0cm, 2011
Tania Cagnotto is the first Italian woman to win medals in four consecutive world diving championships.

In this still image conveyed in pencil and ink, accompanied by architectural drawings, a metaphor appears of the real and historical conditions of the modern world stretched by progress following uncontrollable rhythms together with precise globally recognized rules.

An eardrum no longer trained to sophisticated musical sensibilities could completely lose its natural predisposition. Here the focus of the image is devoted to the imperceptible movement of the soul, without romantic connotations, lucidly drawn on a precise geometric structure which draws upon an inheritance of téchne.

Historical feminism is a form of academia and the old Socratic exhortation "know thyself" is still valid, not as a mere expression of oneself, but in order to imagine and arrive at a human synchronicity of diverse races and kinds, all addressed towards a common end, an elevated intellectual progress that could constitute a telepathic perception of thought.
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Comments (2)

Lina De Sando
2 years ago
la cornice è in fase evolutiva, ti terrò aggiornata
Arrighi Margherita
2 years ago
mi piace tantissimo! senti ma come lo hai incorniciato?
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Lina De Sando
Roma, Italy - 1978
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