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Video, Human figure, Short film, 4:3, 09 Minutes 36 Seconds, 2011
Home, the way we imagine it, has a clear inner worthiness, it's a sign through the unconscious build its own dream's structure. It's a place where man lives and relates himself to surfaces, to objects, that are all around him, that he dragged to represent his own non-verbal expression.
Our lived daily places constitutes a link between inner and outer personal worlds, so they serve a vital function, like our skin, giving us back an uniform image of ourselves, defending us by external intrusions, permitting us to be in contact with others.
Through this action, I try to rebuild my inner world: it's a balanced duel, matter against matter, up to fuse myself with it.

Selection 2011


Mami  Kataoka
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Comments (3)

biagio castilletti
2 years ago
Very interesting, congratulation
ferdinando sorbo
2 years ago
abitarsi che è anche un rin-chiudersi....
Lorenzo Garin
2 years ago
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Viola  Mondello
Messina, Italy - 1983
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