Ernesto Romano, New York, 2010. A couple dancing tango on a pier.

Ernesto Romano, New York, 2010. A couple dancing tango on a pier.

Photography, Human figure, Digital, 50x70cm, 2010
One of my works on 'complementarity'.
The couple in the foreground is dressing light gray, while the other is dressing dark gray.
The first is embracing, the other is separate.
The single man on the left wears complementary dresses and is opposite to the man on the right.
The line of the clothes of the man in the foreground is in the shadow line, where his darker clothes are. The man and the woman in the background have identical legs and dressing but opposite postures of the arms. He is brown, she is blonde.
The wooden parallel lines in the ground converge in the non-converging parallel cement skyscrapers; their regularity is the opposite of the clouds chaos. The shadow line ends in the center of the wheel, which seems to drag a strip of light in opposition to the black chain guard.
For a man 'sitting' on the wheel, there is one 'standing' upon the bike.
I waited for the corridor to be in the center; she is a woman while the two opposites are men.
There is one triangle of white subjects on the left, and one smaller of dark subjects on the right, in a golden ratio proportion, whose general point of division is on the vanishing point.
Of course the white couple is turning around, as the black wheel should do. And much more.
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Janina Wieclawik
2 years ago
Great stop time and motion captured !!!!!
Aldo Pietro Ferrari
2 years ago
una bella poesia
2 years ago
Che meraviglia , quanto spazio , e niente macchine : un'oasi di pace *~*
Francesco Caputi
2 years ago
Sì, molto bella!
Mara Lombardi
2 years ago
I 've been there, I know well
Veronica Saracino
2 years ago
Silvia Lucia Sampugnaro
3 years ago
Speechless! *_*
Ernesto Romano
3 years ago
Thanks to all!
Birgit Oestergaard
3 years ago
It`s such an incredible nice work. My compliment
Giancarlo Frezza
3 years ago
complimenti,veramente bella

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