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Catalyzing Openness - Neil Craver

Catalyzing Openness (Neil Craver) - New York Producing Censorship 2011
Photography Human figure Digital (Neil Craver - Lexington United States)

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Catalyzing Openness

Photography, Human figure, Digital, 101x130x3cm, 2011
This project is meant to be consumed with your emotions, and not simply perceived with your sense organs. I wanted a transcendental meaning behind them; not only with the use of chromatics and aesthetics. But with my intended focus be on the philosophical theories, I wanted a “subliminal composition” to create an under tow of messages to stress the strong influences of unconscious elements affecting and driving people's lives. And with the creation of a strong undercurrent of incommunicable thoughts, would be the stage for illuminating the subconscious intellect into a perception; not deception.
What you can perceive and process is an extremely finite portion of what you receive from the physical environment. And to truly grasp the vexing questions of your inner facilities, you must open yourself to a flood of unrestricted information. Once the excavation is started; the illumination of the self imposed restrains of values, ideas, and moral codes will dissolve. When the subconscious floods pass society’s imprisonment; starting a process of uncontaminated awareness; a penetrating understanding will unfold!
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Neil Craver
Lexington, United States - 1980
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