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Urban Planting scale 1.10 - Elena  Chiarani

Urban Planting scale 1.10 (Elena Chiarani ) - Milan Producing Censorship 2011
Installation Urban landscape / Architecture Other (Elena Chiarani - London United Kingdom)

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Urban Planting scale 1.10

Installation, Urban landscape / Architecture, Other, Other metals, 100x100x100cm, 2010
This part gives an insight of each dwelling and recalls my childhood. When I tried to hide from reality, I used to build little houses, with any casual objects I could find on my way. I used to create spaces where I could feel free to daydream in my own distorted reality. The house is conceived as a primary protection and shelter. It embodies the melancholy of the past and the hope for the future. The walls are covered with drawings: maps and sections of how I imagined this house to be in the real world. Almost like in the fairytales of Pinocchio.
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Elena  Chiarani
London, United Kingdom - 1982
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