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Portrait of the Artists - Virtu Studio, Inc. & Thunderhead Press

Portrait of the Artists (Virtu Studio, Inc. & Thunderhead Press) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2011
Photography Human figure Mixed technique (Virtu Studio, Inc. & Thunderhead Press - Tucson United States)

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Portrait of the Artists

Photography, Human figure, Mixed technique, Photographic paper, 20.3x20.3cm, 2011
In my artwork I focus on capturing the emotive and psychological moment. I am interested in using images and words to reconstruct memories, and in the creation of contemplative metaphors that reflect interior life and thought. In that regard, my artwork is documentary, whether a single piece, works in series or as installation. Most recently, I have begun to incorporate my own haiku poetry with my visual artworks in series.
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Comments (2)

Stephanie Rose
2 years ago
I love it...beautiful and emotionally powerful..
giuliano babini
2 years ago
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Virtu Studio, Inc. & Thunderhead Press
Tucson, United States - 1954
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