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In Exile - Lionel  Smit

In Exile (Lionel Smit) - Milan Producing Censorship 2011
Painting Portrait Oil (Lionel Smit - Cape Town South Africa)

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In Exile

Painting, Portrait, Oil, Canvas, 165x165x5cm, 2009
This work explores different concepts on how we observe and interpret the human condition in all its vulnerability.
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Comments (20)

Geoff Dunlop
1 year ago
Geoff Dunlop Artist
Paul Wiltshire Fletcher
1 year ago
Free and liberating work
Angela Loennig
1 year ago
Anastasia Rapantzikou
1 year ago
Matilde  Calamai
1 year ago
Adriana Silvia Roperto
2 years ago
Bellísimo trabajo
vita fer
2 years ago
vita fer Artist
Stefano Fiore Misterpaint
2 years ago
Martina Biccheri
2 years ago
great one!
2 years ago
Musina Artist
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Lionel  Smit
Cape Town, South Africa - 1982
Joined 2 years ago, visits 849

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