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.no words...only bombs. - :::CANTIDIPINTI:::

.no words...only bombs. (:::CANTIDIPINTI:::) - New York Producing Censorship 2011
Painting Illustration Mixed technique (:::CANTIDIPINTI::: - Firenze Italy)

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.no words...only bombs.

Painting, Illustration, Mixed technique, Canvas, 50x60cm, 2011
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Marina Kostina
2 years ago
W la semplicità espressiva! brava! :)
Libra Larki
2 years ago
Libra Larki Artist
Alfonso Camplone
2 years ago
...bel lavoro!
Giancarlo Caporali
2 years ago
Mi piace molto!!
Reima Honkasalo
2 years ago
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Firenze, Italy - 2000
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