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Animation, Still life / Object, Stopmotion, 5 Minutes 35 Seconds, 2009
A nature morte comes to life and plays out themes of love, making and war that lead to its ultimate demise. Vanitas is a tragi-humorous take on the dance of life and death as performed by the living dead - a collection of objects inspired by the Vanitas paintings of the Northern Renaissance and the themes of life,vanity and death entetained by them..

Selection 2011


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2 years ago
dasein Artist
Yes, I should have absolutely shed my Franco-English (a.k.a. Montreal Franglais) for a more internaitonal Latin-English :) Completely forgot that Canadian bilingualism is not the world norm and that the 100-year-war (extended way beyond its time in the still going Quebec language war :) is not the central event of world history. Eh, next time...
Fabrizio Ruggiero
2 years ago
Quite funny! By the way, you should say “a natura morta" instead of “a nature morte”.

2 years ago
dasein Artist
Haha, that was the original title of the film actually and I still wonder whether it wasn't the better one :)
Frank N
2 years ago
Frank N Artist
Bon appétit :-)
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