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Falluja Mon Amour - Dario Caria

Falluja Mon Amour (Dario Caria) - Installation / Sculpture Celeste Prize 2011
Installation Interiors Plastic (Dario Caria - Sassari Italy)

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Falluja Mon Amour

Installation, Interiors, Plastic, Other, 21x30x3cm, 2011
phopsphorescent nitroacrylic on fiberglass, wood light tubes.In a room with the rubble I installed 12 sculptures in the shape of neatly folded shirts, has followed a bombardment with white phosphorous weapons by the Americans on the city of Fallujah, the people were burned alive while leaving clothing intact.
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Comments (4)

Giulia Berardi
1 year ago
complimenti per come si muove il tuo cervello .ottimo il messaggio e la realizzazione.
2 years ago
Exhibitionow Artist
Merita davvero.

Gianluca Ferrari
Vittorio Comi
2 years ago
.......Il potere politico nasce dalla canna del fucile.
Birgit Oestergaard
2 years ago
This installation is pure poetry with a horrible message- if one dare to look after. A wolf in a sheep`s clothing.I love it. Regards Birgit
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Dario Caria
Sassari, Italy - 1976
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