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1 - Alice Yang

1 (Alice Yang) - Painting Celeste Prize 2011
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Acrylic (Alice Yang - New York City United States)

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Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Acrylic, Canvas, 76x101cm, 2011
My paintings are not of vague or abstract state. They are precise creatures that seek to perform definitive and decisive gestures. Their starting point is the tangible world. I collaborate with images and shapes, as if they were another living being.
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Comments (4)

2 years ago
amazing work!
Waldemar Dabrowski
2 years ago
Very nice work...!!
Alice Yang
2 years ago
Alice Yang Artist
thank you!
Vittorio Comi
2 years ago
Very nice work!
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Alice Yang
New York City, United States - 1985
Joined 2 years ago, visits 298

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