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Visions from the Anthropocene - lorenzo vitturi

Visions from the Anthropocene (lorenzo vitturi) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2011
Photography Still life / Object Mixed technique (lorenzo vitturi - London United Kingdom)

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Visions from the Anthropocene

Photography, Still life / Object, Mixed technique, Cotton paper, 140x105x8cm, 2011
This project is the result of a deep reflection about the relationship between man and nature, as it proposes - in line with 16th Century naturalistic painting - a symbolic system able to visualise the intersection between this two dimensions.
Up to the early 20th Century nature had been represented as an unspoiled, pure space animated by uncontrollable forces;
today, after just one Century, nature has proved to be a fragile system whose survival is highly dependent on an increasingly pervasive and destructive anthropization.
In such a context, where all equilibria and "rules of the game" are being overthrown, how can we still depict nature and men? Nature is loosing its natural features, while men are increasingly taking control over the whole cycle of life.
Starting from this paradox, my project consists in a series of images where site-specific installations built within a derelict location play a central role. In this visions the "mis en scene" becomes a tool for representing a nature which appears less authentic and indeed more and more a cultural product.
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2 years ago
ghumbert Artist
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lorenzo vitturi
London, United Kingdom - 1980
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