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Natura morta con oggetti - Marcella Fierro

Natura morta con oggetti (Marcella Fierro) - Shortlisted: Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2011
Photography Still life / Object Digital (Marcella Fierro - Bologna Italy)

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Natura morta con oggetti

Photography, Still life / Object, Digital, 43x65x240cm, 2011
Still Life With Objects is an exhibition that creates a short circuit already present in its title referring, apparently, to Still Life of Dutch Painters: paintings which art history has taught us to appreciate and enjoy with a reverent eye. Through the eye of Fierro her shots leave the viewer wavering between amusement and utter alienation.

Everyday household objects, unearthed in fascinating flea markets, have been expertly repainted with strong and vibrant tones by the artist, which has given them a second life. However, if this first trick is not sufficient, Fierro creates a second short circuit by using old-fashioned interior backgrounds coming from her childhood: hand embroidered dollies, old silver framed pictures and porcelain dolls, and other memorabilia from her past, sitting, posing semi-aristocratically on old wooden boxes.

Fierro has freed and at the same time protected her newfound ‘playmates’ from the fate of a dusty destiny presenting them with a curious and unusual beauty.

The photo I present are a part of a series of 10 images that make up " Natura morta con oggetti ", the other images you can see in "artwork not in prize"

Selection 2011


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Marcella Fierro
Bologna, Italy - 1974
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