Painting, Abstract informal, Acrylic, Canvas, 152x152cm, 2011
I use extremely thinned paint through layers and layers powuring and brush working on canvas created a effect of light and shadows, shapes and mark makings. Each mark and each path on the canvas looks so random, incidental, but they are not random nor incidents. I lead, draw, spread the paint into forms and shape with my desire, thoughts and feelings and in the process I feel and learn more about myself and understand more.
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Monica Quintavalle
2 years ago
è impressionante come riesci a far uscire la luce, bellissimo
2 years ago
Hirpina81 Artist
Nella foto in piccolo pensavo fossero goielli e pietre preziose...
Looking at the small photo I thought they were jewels and gems...
Francesco Sandrelli
2 years ago
molto delicato
2 years ago
Vivalarte Artist
Very nice !
2 years ago
Montaperto Artist
Colore sprecato
Maria Cristina  Neviani
3 years ago

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