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RE: Appropriation - Anthony Heinz May

RE: Appropriation (Anthony Heinz May) - Installation / Sculpture Celeste Prize 2011
Sculpture Abstract geometrical Wood (Anthony Heinz May - New York City United States)

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Added: 2 years ago

RE: Appropriation

Sculpture, Abstract geometrical, Wood, Wood, 15x73x12cm, 2011
Rearranging small modular blocks of wood cut from a found, natural tree branch. This object provides internal and external dialogues of a tangible form where the viewer is shown invasive reconfiguration, via pixilation of a natural object.
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Comments (2)

Silvio Zangarini
2 years ago
Fantastic! Great job!
Helga Kalversberg
2 years ago
I like this well designd Sculpture !
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Anthony Heinz May
New York City, United States - 1977
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