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Consciousness, Dream, Reality - Vedran Rosandic

Consciousness, Dream, Reality (Vedran Rosandic)
Sculpture Abstract geometrical Other (Vedran Rosandic - Rijeka Croatia)

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Added: 2 years ago

Consciousness, Dream, Reality

Sculpture, Abstract geometrical, Other, 20x20x20cm, 2011
Made from paper
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Comments (7)

Anthony Heinz May
2 years ago
inner reflections complicating the box in which we find ourselves living. you've added a curious abstraction however worthy of something equally realistic - really powerful work. thanks for sharing
Natalia Grigorieva
2 years ago
very nice idea
Natalia Grigorieva
2 years ago
:-) nice
2 years ago
mi piace, intrigante
Teresa Palombini
2 years ago
molto interessante!
Giancarlo Caporali
2 years ago
catherine burg
2 years ago
Une belle oeuvre originale !
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Vedran Rosandic
Rijeka, Croatia - 1977
Joined 3 years ago, visits 1953
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