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“La mia Ira”  - Antonella De Pietro

“La mia Ira” (Antonella De Pietro) - Painting Celeste Prize 2011
Painting Human figure Oil (Antonella De Pietro - Lecce Italy)

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Added: 2 years ago

“La mia Ira”

Painting, Human figure, Oil, Canvas, 70x70cm, 2010
This is not the portrait of an angry woman, not at all. That seems a portrait? I am not capable of doing the portraits, all my paintings seem, except real people. This picture is actually a framework managed badly. The woman I had in mind was not so, it was much nicer. But I can never put into pictures what I have in my head (or heart). Actually I do not know if my limits are in the hands or just in your head.
I said, this is not the portrait of an angry woman, but a mom who wants to protect her child: Ira, in fact. And 'this is the name you chose for the child she is carrying.
But alas, the real "anger" at the end, it's just me, not to be successful in my purpose. I hope the next picture is better.
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Comments (11)

Maristella  Angeli
1 year ago
Molto espressiva! Bellissima la cromia e l'armonia che riesci a creare unendo più elementi significativi.
Linda Aurica Tecleanu
1 year ago
complimenti Antonella,grande espressività
NabilaFluxus Art gallery Museum Ass.Cult.
2 years ago
Complimenti per questa sua opera . Mi ha colpito lo sguardo della donna a prima vista poi guardando la mano sul ventre ho capito l'intento dello sguardo .Aggiungo che i limiti non sono nel dipingere o nelle tue mani ..è l'inconscio che agisce sui nostri progetti ,nel dipingere l'inconscio rivela la nostra interiorità ma sopratutto rivela quanto l'artista sia sensibile.Lei è un artista che dipinge seguendo si la tecnica ...ma è l'inconscio a prevalere. Buona Arte Cordialmente Virginia
Waldemar Dabrowski
2 years ago
Very interesting...!
Sonya Firinu
2 years ago
Sonya Firinu Artist
che bellaaa
2 years ago
nwArt Art Organizer
un discorso un po contorto...
2 years ago
Kizito Artist
l know the feeling....keep trying and one day youwill crack it...at times we have some deep seated memories that have to be released and that was the face of that woman....l believe that some memories are not present but past...faces we have seen long before we were born...its like a genetic chain of memories passed on to us by our ancestors....why can't memories be genetic just like DNA? this is a gift artists have....
Penelope Oakley
2 years ago
Bravo e molto bella :-) Not sure how you say this in italian sorry but if the look is that of a mother protecting her child then it is perfectly so that you capture! :-)
shawqi  fuad
2 years ago
shawqi fuad Artist
Good job
2 years ago
e' stupendo
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Antonella De Pietro
Lecce, Italy - 1979
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