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perchè non esco di casa  - Uraken

perchè non esco di casa (Uraken) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2011
Digital Graphics Abstract geometrical Computer graphics (Uraken - Milano Italy)

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Added: 2 years ago

perchè non esco di casa

Digital Graphics, Abstract geometrical, Computer graphics, 70x50x02cm, 2011
Technique: computer graphics static. Support: photographic print on aluminum spacers.

is a storm that continues unabated stress you, a wave of shit that leaves us quiet down. I'm walking like a serial number and color much I think you can not explain, what do you want me to say if it supports me in this journey dependent digital alternative. Cybernettazioni, lesson plans after circumnavigating my senses multi-channel contact entries in parallel born every figure I rise up to heaven | only in possession of a transparent'm learning by the rational thought misuradi | Doctor I feel that the effect centrifuge. (Dimora del padrino)
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Comments (7)

1 year ago
perchè non esco di casa... pigrizia?
scherzo, è molto bello!
Desiree Cozzi
1 year ago
Aureliano Lanzoni
2 years ago
ma perchè cazzo non dipingi con le idee che hai saresti il numero 1
2 years ago
Uraken Artist
Grazie a tutti
2 years ago
e invece dovresti uscire di casa e mostrare al mondo le tue immagini bravo
2 years ago
2 years ago
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Milano, Italy - 1978
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