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Lecce con Poesia I - Orodè Deoro

Lecce con Poesia I (Orodè Deoro)
Painting Sacred / Mythological Mixed technique (Orodè Deoro - Lecce Italy)

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Lecce con Poesia I

Painting, Sacred / Mythological, Mixed technique, Paper, 70x100cm, 2011
One of six works realized at the Teatro Romano di Lecce (Italy), 27 August 2011, at the First of Seven Meditations, act in defense of the ancestral home of Carmelo Bene and the next show, "Lecce with Poetry" by and with the actor Simon Franco. Maria Luisa Bene read some poems of Carmelo Bene. Musics: Emanuele Coluccia (piano), Francesco Del Prete (violin) and Pierpaolo Leo (martinel waves and electronic)
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Comments (5)

Orodè Deoro
2 years ago
Orodè Deoro Artist
Grazie per la preferenza Yajaira!!! ;)
Orodè Deoro
2 years ago
Orodè Deoro Artist
Giancarlo Caporali
2 years ago
Molto bella!!
catherine burg
2 years ago
Oeuvre délicate !
Maria Cristina  Neviani
2 years ago
"Con Poesia", anche questo lavoro...
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Orodè Deoro
Lecce, Italy - 1974
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