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Virginia Lee, Artist, Canada

Virginia Lee PREMIUM

Artist, Toronto (Canada) joined 2 years ago

Focus on Painting
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Comments (53)

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Fabio Finocchiaro
1 day ago
Ciao Virginia.
Thanks a lot for your friendship.
Enrico Gherardi
5 days ago
Grazie, Thank You, Virginia.
Lorenzo Veneziani
2 months ago
Grazie per l'amicizia Virginia,buona arte!!!
Massimiliano Spano'
3 months ago
Grazie Virginia,...onorato dalla tua amicizia. ...complimenti veramente per la tua arte. Buona giornata, Massimiliano!
Paola Rasile
3 months ago
Paola Rasile Artist
Thank to you Virginia.
3 months ago
a VENICE C'ART Non-Profit
Thanks Virginia for your friendship!
Your works of art are beautiful!!!!!
Have a nice day

Venice C'Art
Michel Guy
7 months ago
Michel Guy Artist
merci à toi! et un...oh je ne peux dire bonjour, puisqu'il est 2ham ici en France, enfin bonjour tout de même! :)
Emerson David Myers
7 months ago
Your work is absolutely beautiful Virginia. Delicate attention to every moment of the canvas I would love to get to see them in real life.
They're inspirational!
Adriano Borges Ribeiro
7 months ago
Ciao Virginia grazie mille e complimenti ;)
Giorgio Fileni
8 months ago
Grazie per l'amicizia!
Fabiana Collotto
8 months ago
Thank you for the friendship :)
Anna Di Leo
8 months ago
Anna Di Leo Artist
Virginia Thanks and best wishes for your beautiful creations.
Claudia Giacchetti
8 months ago
beautiful, amazing, mesmerizing
Susanna Ceretti
8 months ago
Virginia Thanks for the friendship
Gerardo Aizpuru
8 months ago
Gerardo Aizpuru Photographer
Thanks Virginia for the friendship
8 months ago
IRA TUM Designer
Thank you Virginia! I like your "world" very very much!
Daniela Carletti Studio d'Arte
8 months ago
Thank you for friendship
Cinzia Zanellini
9 months ago
grande Virginia bellissimi lavori!!
Cinzia Zanellini
9 months ago
grande Virginia bellissimi lavori!!
Federica Limongelli
9 months ago
Thank you Virginia :)
Rosalba Acquaro
9 months ago
Ciao Virginia ti ringrazio per l'amicizia !
10 months ago
Thanks for your friendship !
Darvin Anna Scopece
11 months ago
ciao Virginia e benvenuta tra i miei amici!
Giuseppe Greca
1 year ago
Ciao VIRGINIA,grazie per l'amicizia.
Daniela Zocca
1 year ago
Thank you Virgina and many compliments!
gaetano licata
1 year ago
Grazie Virginia complimenti per i tuoi lavori!!
Paola Fiore
1 year ago
Paola Fiore Artist
Thank you Virginia for your friendship and compliments to your artwork!
Sinéad Duggan
1 year ago
Thank you Virginia, I enjoyed looking at your work, all the best,Sinéad
1 year ago
Clavi Artist
Grazie a te Virginia
ed alla tua Arte!
Buon 2013!
NabilaFluxus Art gallery Museum Ass.Cult.
1 year ago
Fabrizio Pia
1 year ago
Fabrizio Pia Artist
Grazie Virginia
Virginia Lee
1 year ago
Virginia Lee Artist
Thank you very much Erin for your kind words and friendly support.
Erin Polla
1 year ago
Erin Polla Artist
Hi Virginia, thanks for your friendship. I like your works. They're an intense and superb explosion of colours and vitality.
I will follow you with interest and curiosity.
See you soon.

ps.: Compliments for "The End". Might meet my fingers for you. I hope you win. Your work deserves: it's in perfect harmony with the mood of the competition. And I like it. Good luck!
michele vinchio
1 year ago
grazie per l'amicizia e per le tue immagini così musicali
mario dagrada
1 year ago
Beatifull works.
Virginia Lee
1 year ago
Virginia Lee Artist
Thank you very much Anna. You express yourself more eloquently than most. I wish I could respond in Italian!
All the best,
Molto Grazie
anna turina
1 year ago
anna turina Artist
your work is gently visionary. I like it!
thank you

P.S.: I'm sorry if I express myself badly.
Rudolf Lichtenegger
1 year ago
Thank you very much for accepting my friendship request:)!
Kindest regards,
Giuseppe Tattarletti
1 year ago
Grazie! E complimenti...
francisco Dias do nascimento
1 year ago
Thank you Virginia for your friendship, congratulations for your works
I admire your art
Gianpaolo Marchesi
1 year ago
Ciao. Grazie per l'amicizia.
Birgit Oestergaard
2 years ago
Tanks for you comment on my event in Venice. All the best. X Birgit
gabriella siciliano
2 years ago
thank you!
Waldemar Dabrowski
2 years ago
Thanks Virginia for adding my work to your favorites...
Eliana Paglione
2 years ago
thanks ;)
Connie Chappel
2 years ago
Thank you for selecting La Mordida (The Bite) as one of your favourites. Your paintings are lovely...the colours, shapes and textures...and subject matter are very well integrated. Thank you for introducing me to your work!
francesca ferreri
2 years ago
hi Virginia, thank you for friendship! Francesca
Barbara Però
2 years ago
grazie per la preferenza
graziella lucchin
2 years ago
... grazie ancora
Silvio Zangarini
2 years ago
Thanks for your frienship, hope to meet you one day.

Giovanni Longo
2 years ago
Thanks for your preference..have a nice day.. :D
graziella lucchin
2 years ago
:) grazie...
Associazione Roberta Smedili
2 years ago
Hi Virginia, thank you for your friendship
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