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Waldemar Dabrowski, Artist, Poland

Waldemar Dabrowski

Artist, Wroclaw (Poland) joined 4 years ago

Focus on Painting   |   Dabrowski, Waldemar. Started his career in the 1980ís. From 1985 to 1989, employed at Art Bureau in Wroclaw. Techniques: painting, drawing, computer graphics. Work: designs logos,...Read all
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Exhibition of paintings - Judith Julia Bialkowska (Wodnicka) - paper, painting, monotype, thumbnails and Waldemar Dabrowski - painting, computer graphics - Title: "Defragmentation" - in the Gallery "IN BLANCO" Cultural Centre "Lute" - Poland, Lodz - October - November, 2011
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Added 02 November 2011
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Comments (4)

Filippo Staniscia
1 year ago
Janina Wieclawik
2 years ago
Heartily congratulates beautiful Wernisażu.Prace Waldemar can watch a million times. They are so unique, every time there is in them something new, different look and different interpretację.Klasyka głębięi forms preserved in the works, leave, such kosmiczne.Jeszcze Congratulations once
Associazione Roberta Smedili
2 years ago
un grandissimo in bocca al lupo
2 years ago
france Artist
belle le tue opere!
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