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Masami Teraoka, Artist, United States

Masami Teraoka PREMIUM

Artist, Honolulu (United States) joined 4 years ago

Focus on Painting   |   Each narrative creates a fantastical aesthetic world where human folly and dilemma are expressed in such a way that the beauty and ugliness of human activity and psyche thrive in a...Read all
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3 May 2012
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Masami Teraoka: The Cloisters Last Supper

8 September 2012
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27 October 2013
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Masami Teraoka: The Cloisters Last Supper

9 September 2013
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The Cloisters Tsunami

25 June 2010
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The Cloisters/Last Supper Series in Progress

13 June 2010
Added 01 January 1970
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Comments (22)

Annamaria Ferramosca
1 year ago
Eliana Paglione
1 year ago
Congratulation! in bocca al lupo ;)
Susanna Bertoni
1 year ago
I congratulate you on this work and on your artistic career!!!

Masami Teraoka
1 year ago
Aloha everyone, Thank you so much!
serena trenta
2 years ago
grande Masami :)
Occhio di Ra
2 years ago
Occhio di Ra Artist
onda bianca
2 years ago
onda bianca Artist
Congratulazioni e in bocca al lupo!
2 years ago
Totur Artist
Bravo Maestro
Antonio Quatraro
2 years ago
Congratulations and good luck
Alessandra  Cardia Escorza
2 years ago
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