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Festival arte Contemporanea C, Festival, Italy

Festival arte Contemporanea C

Festival, Faenza (Italy) joined 4 years ago

Focus on Installation   |   The festival of Contemporary art was founded in response to the need for an area of reflection and debate regarding art. Above all the festival is a place where the contemporary ar...Read all
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News, Italy, 28 April 2010 - 28 April 2010
"In Faenza we will compare two generations, by presenting Martial Raysse and the Gelitin, who both come from the field of visual arts and have dealt with the medium of film in different ways and produced important feature-length works of art.

Martial Raysse is a typical example of an artist who wants to represent the static nature of works of art in the long term.

On the contrary, the Gelitin combine daily life with art, transferring their research to their video artworks.

However, they are both capable of using the language of film and making the most of the techniques offered by this sector, such as special effects to change reality."

This discussion by Monique Veaute, the founder and vice-president of the Romaeuropa Foundation, is part of the last Cpensiamo, the column which is published in Exibart in collaboration with the festival.

In the 65th issue of the “onpaper”, published to coincide with the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Monique Veaute discussed the relationship between art and film and the impact of new technologies on this relationship, as well as the key figures of this fascinating new interdisciplinary genre.

See you in Faenza and join us for the series of meeting works in motion, presented by Monique Veaute.

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Added 28 April 2010
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