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Elisa Zadi, Artist, Italy

Elisa Zadi

Artist, Firenze (Italy) joined 1 year ago

Focus on Painting
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Metà-Morfozi - Elisa Zadi


Painting, Oil, Fabric, 100 x 120 cm, 2013
Half-Morfozi is the search for a new identity that can not be separated from the form and matter.
In fact, it seems that only the form is vouches for the identity of all that exists: the creatures as of things. This figure is structured, throbbing, yet closed and secret, like a casket containing, jealously, the truth of the way he could take his life. This is his inalienable treasure! His identity is this pearl "dark" that grows slowly, even without his knowledge, revealing-in this case-through a "metamorphosis". Seeking this objective through a sculptural installation, solved with bold strokes. While the color is always entrusted to a few gestures, contrasting tonal notes that, as in this work force model with a body made ​​noble by the silence that surrounds and protects it.
The choice to use a raw fabric is part of a research on the matter I am facing. The naturalness of the fabric base is almost always respected and returned to the observer who can see the overlap of material, deeds that go to build the alchemical work. As a writing each sign is separated and joined to the next: in this way each step is legible, clear. Even the colors used are pigments, sometimes lands gathered in the area and lay down on the fabric simply prepared, other times before priming with oil to choose the right density and elasticity of the color. This focus allows me to "put" on the job what they need, what is essential.
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