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Lisa Wade, Artist, Italy

Lisa Wade

Artist, Perugia (Italy) joined 6 years ago

Focus on Installation   |   I have been working in the social/political realm for a number of years, in the Nationbuilding series, creating hybrid flags of nations which will never exist, painted in tar, a re...Read all
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Exhibition, Germany, Project's deadline 13 May 2012
Sing Sweet Songs of Conviction: An Itinerant project by Lisa Wade: Berlin / Rome / NY / Mexico City / Belfast / London
curated by Perennial Art

Alessia Armeni / Helena Hamilton / Denise Hickey
Francesca Romana Pinzari / Pernette Scholte / Lisa Wade

April 19 from 19.00
Anteprima/Sneak Peak, "Fly on the Window"
Performances by Alessia Armeni, "24-Hour Painting" and Helena Hamilton, "NOTETOADISTANTGOD"

April 20 from 20.00
Special performance by guest artist, Jennifer Hope Davy, "Onwards, Darkness" and DJ Soundscape by Loganic, ‘Sweet Sounds of Conmixion’

From April 20 until May 13, 2012

Schau Fenster-Schauraum für Kunst
Lobeckstrasse 30 - 35
10969 Berlin / U-8 Moritzplatz, M29

Sing Sweet Songs of Conviction is an itinerant exhibition of six artists from six nations, showing in each home city of the participating artists. Over the span of a year, starting in April 2012, the show will take to the road: Belfast, Berlin, London, Mexico City, New York City and Rome, mixing it up in each city and highlighting local talent by inviting a guest curator and exhibiting a guest artist at each leg of the journey.

The core artists met in New York as finalists for the Celeste Prize International in December 2010. Across media boundaries, they found an affinity among their work and decided to bring these together by organizing a travelling group show of their work. A year later, they have finalized the trajectory of this ambitious and evolving project, finding spaces and cutting edge guest artists and guest curators in each of their cities.

Sing Sweet Songs of Conviction needs your help to keep this show on the road! Our project is entirely funded by generous crowd fundraising min-sponsors on Eppela.com. Supporting the arts is as simple and as immediate as two clicks on Eppela’s website. A donation as little as 10 euro can make a big difference.


Follow us on fb: http://www.facebook.com/SingSweetSongsOfConviction


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Added 2 April 2012
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