Avital Baron Izackov-Collage & mixed media artist

Being An Artist, A Mother, A wife and A daughter: no matter in which order you put it, is quite an intriguing collage in itself.
My work portrays the complexity of taking all these bits and pieces of life and gluing them on to a, more or less rigid base, in order to achieve a certain equilibrium within all these entites.
Working on my art has allowed me to dig into my inner soul and confront subjects that untill then had thir own secret life in the abyss of my mind.
By tearing and gluing they rise unwillingly from the depths and come to life on a Newspaper Background.
Working on Newspapers allows me to be intouch with reality. Life, Death and all that is inbetween interlace and get a new interpretation in my work.
In my latest work, issues regarding gender take more and more "space". My place as a women in society, age, sexuality, fertility, men versus women and other issues .