Patrizia Rinaldi
Born in Battipaglia (SA), but the origins of Cilento, very young, she published a collection of poems - "Fluid Mosaic". She lives for many years in Naples.
At the same time collaborating with the company "Dance Movement" by Gabriella Stazio, for which she wrote the play, "Brothers of Italy". Stay with considerable frequency and for extended periods in Paris, where she meets and attending artists and writers.
A lover of art and creative expression in all its manifestations, studied dance and contemporary experiences, at the same time, the study of the saxophone with the jazz composer and teacher Enzo Nini.
Meanwhile she continued his studies of Law at the Federico II of Naples, where he graduated and became a lawyer.
She moved to Rome where she studied drawing and painting with Wilhelmina Clerici at the International Art Academy.
Based in Rome, in 1995, L'Atelier "Nike Ars" hotbed of creative and applied arts.
Engraving Diamond, Tiffany technique, objects-sculpture in ceramic and porcelain, glass-mergers, and last but not the painting of many media.
Sophisticated art objects designed, however, for everyday use and not to the fixity of a museum exhibition. Objects prized by many admirers including foreigners: Greeks, Americans, French, Dutch, Arabic, Japaneses. Her creations evoke also the interest of Ms Hasegawa Ciecko of the Nichido Gallery in Tokyo.
Collaborated for many years, with architects and cabinetmakers Capitoline.
She teaches painting and applied arts, first in Rome and then again at the studio Nike Ars in Trevignano Romano (Rome).
Won by the need to devote herself only to painting and, last but not least, the nostalgia of the Cilento, makes return in 2003.
In 2008 he joined the FIDAPA, International Federation of Women's Affairs Arts Professions. In September 2010 joined the Manifesto dell'ESASPERATISMO, international art and cultural movement, founded in Naples by Adolfo Giuliani.
Currently, he devoted herself exclusively to painting.