Turkish Coffee - Çucurcuma

Turkish Coffee - Çucurcuma

Diffuse as a drop of ink on the breast, the soul of Istanbul, for evermore, is distilled into melancholy and widespread in the air as a cloud of coal. A place always in between where time is matched only by confusion. Since the first three weeks i spent in December 2009, and sporadically till March 2011, i witnessed my own daily life theatre, grasps its characters and portrays the fragmentary nature of urban living. It's now a series of 64 photographs intended for the publication of a book. The title, Turkish Coffee, is inspired by the words,"NEYSE HALiM ÇIKSIN FALIM" (what the future is, is writing there) Coffee fortune.

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serena tani
5 years ago
serena tani Artist
mi piace moltissimo brava!

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