The stand alone video version of Pool is also rooted in my interest in the ancient Art of Memory.A central image is of the Portland dancer and choreographer, Linda K. Johnson, submerged underwater, looking directly back at the viewer as she contracts, glides, tumbles, and hovers in a watery amnion of blue. Interspersed are images of a full moon; a book that has caught fire; salmon swimming upstream; a burning house; botanical frescoes from the House of Livia in Rome; and the words "Ars Memoriae." All of these have intensely personal meaning for me: My own home burned down when I was a child. Memories are often punctuated or exacerbated by trauma. The book is Ovid's Metamorphoses and "Ars Memoriae" refers to the ancient mnemonic practice of visualizing as an aid to remembering complex sequences—both have been influential throughout my career.

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Zanetti Ivano Emilio
7 years ago
very very nice .. really my compliments!
Fernanda D'Agostino
7 years ago
Grazie Tanto, Il Mio Nome e Italiano ma Io sono Itala American, mi dispiace ma il mio Ilaliano non e buono. Spero andare al Italia per lavoro il prossimo Novembre.
graziella lucchin
7 years ago
mi piace..... ciao

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