reality.sys_not found

reality.sys_not found

Digital Photography, Political / Social, Mixed technique, 180x120cm
this photographiy i shot on a surrealistic roof of a former phosphorus shells factory near berlin. it is on the top of an incredible big building, you can imagine the two silos 50 meters high. the whole picture got nearly all existing geometrical forms disposed in a strange way.
the graffiti
reality.sys not found - reboot universe?
is not the prime but an important question and message for all our lifes, and specially for this spot and the story behind. death, hate, war......... too much things and feelings to describe here. it´s from the biggest war this world has ever seen. this graffiti (made by myself) should also carry this - more and more forgotten memory - in our memory and bring it to the memory of our computer generation. nearly everybody knows if just one .sys file is missing, nothing is working anymore.
also it is a dealing with our " reality "
did this really happen? not because i don´t believe, because it is too abstract for me
like this abstract geometrical spot
the grey cloudy sky hides the sun and reflects a dark period of life.
just the door on the back opens the view to the world behind.
so nobody have to feel jailed in this reality .........

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