Installation, Political / Social, Architecture, Landscape, Various materials, 80x120x140cm
The project "LIGHT BUILDING" draws inspiration from some questions on the cognitive and empathetic potential of the imagination.
So "light building" is a container of images to be “re-imagined”; an “inner vision” focused on oneself and others. Imagination has indeed extraordinary potential since it stimulates curiosity and the capacity of appreciating to the full the humanity of others, going beyond stereotypes and shallow fears.
At the same time, this work also seeks to highlight the impact of a certain kind of modernity on the imagination: the advance of virtual worlds seems to be reducing modern man’s capacity to imagine.
The choice was to represent this passage through the construction of a lit building ("LIGHT BUILDING"), in each window of which (about 500 per side) a negative “peers out”. The images are from photo projects in the United States, Latin America, Asia and Africa. The aim is to “open” the world in that building also through sound, which aims at recreating the atmosphere and state of mind of each place and each life story. That world is overlooked by a sky (screened video) so perfect as to be, in actual fact, a virtual sky. "LIGHT BUILDING" is a critical document portraying the building, the sky, human relationships, diversity in a situation of danger. On the one hand there is the risk they may become only “imaginable”, on the other the building proposes a strong image of peoples, communities and humanity potentially gifted with such richness as to be able to create the solid base for an awareness of themselves which would enable them to manage and manipulate virtual worlds too.

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Alessandro Lonzardi
5 years ago
Bellissimo. complimenti.
Geoff Dunlop
6 years ago
Geoff Dunlop Artist
8 years ago
Vivalarte Artist
I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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